Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stanley Park Dragonfly Series

Meet Jack, he is part of my Stanley Park Dragon Fly series...... A number of years ago there was a giant wind storm that ravaged Vancouver's crown jewel Stanley Park....... Hundreds of trees were toppled over and uprooted.... The roots of these tree's spread deep down into the earth, some of these roots were hundreds of miles deep..... Deep within the lower levels just before the magma center of the earth lyes a mystical place where only the most magical of creatures live..... this is where these Stanley Park Dragonfly's used to be trapped.....covered up by rock and earth tucked away for centuries...... That now famous wind storm uprooted the tree's with such force that tunnels were created releasing these creatures from captivity. If you find yourself on a crisp calm evening walking the seawall or watching the sun set over the tree's you might be lucky enough to spot one of Vancouver's most mystical of creatures the Stanley Park Dragonfly.

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